A group of business people are in a meeting in an office.  They“If you’re looking for the architect of your professional future, I recommend that you look no further than Lorna Beckford, a Human Resource professional – specialising in career development. Her passion is to bring out the best in people.

She has seen me through several promotions over the years. Her experience in the public and commercial sectors gives her a breadth and depth of wisdom that enables her to address any challenge at operational or Board level.  She can support her suggestions and advice with evidence of success in situations that would otherwise be inconceivable.

She has motivated me by helping me to accept my ‘raw talent and potential’ and encouraging me to say “I can” when I’ve felt uncertain about a professional strategy.”
Thelma Gage, NHS

“Lorna is a conscientious, hardworking professional. I admire her attention to detail and her proactive approach.”
Richard White, Director, Maybe Magazine