Silhouettes of business people on abstract binary code backgroundWe offer the following essential services:


Career consultancy

Individual SWOT analysis and action planning, identification of personal USPs


Development workshops

Boardroom readiness development including:

  • Personal presentation, strategic positioning, boardroom politics, building inspiration
  • ‘Dare to dream again’, advantages of being the ‘needle in the haystack’, Leading from the middle, leadership and influence, cultural expertise
  • Gaining automatic, timely inclusion in the succession planning process
  • Managing your responses to political strategy


Motivational speaking

Individual and team development


Independent arbitration

Representation of employer or employee


Concept image of Business Acronym AYC ADVANCE YOUR CAREER written over road marking yellow paint line.

What are the benefits for individuals and their sponsors?

  • Individuals can truly fulfill their maximum potential
  • The realisation of peoples’ potential translates to significant value for the organisation
  • Identification of the most valuable senior management talent
  • Creation of an internal talent pool